Essays/Nonfiction/Think Pieces

Nnu Ego And The Posthumous Exploitation of Black Women Published by Into More Magazine

How Secondhand Books Find Us Published by Into More Magazine

The Propaganda of My Childhood Published by Protean Magazine

Ain’t No Way & Carolyn Franklin Published by BBC Culture

Boyhood And Barbershops Published by Into More

Nigeria can’t decide what to do about the rise and rise of cryptocurrency Published by Rest of World

End Sars: The Exhilarating Songs of Street Protests Published by BBC Culture

Personal Canons: Lesley Nneka Arimah Published by Sarah Gailey

Nigerians don’t trust the government to respond to emergency calls. So they created apps instead. Published by Rest of World

Remembering My Father’s Biafra: The Politics Of Erasing History Published by Al Jazeera

Booked and Busy: The Politics of Literary Prizes Published by The Republic

On And About Published by Reckoning Press

On access to financial services in Nigeria Published by The Guardian

The Names of Women Like My Mother Published by Overland Magazine

How (Not) To Leave Yourself Behind In A Place Published by Overland Magazine

We need to talk about Eric and Adam’s relationship in Sex Education Published by Overland Magazine

Towards Inclusive Futures: Queer Representation In Futuristic African Fiction Overland Magazine

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