‘The City and the Thing Beneath It’ Published by The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (Available for purchase here)

‘Electronic Ghosts’ Published by Escape Podcast (Available here)

‘Blue-green Ribbons’ Published by Magic The Gathering (Available here)

‘Flight’ Published by Fantasy Magazine (Available here)

‘When A Woman Renounces Motherhood’ Published by Granta (Available here and in print) (This story alludes to the ‘voice’ effect of Carmen Maria Machado’s ‘The Husband Stitch’)

‘Born Again’ Published by Lolwe (Available here)

‘Your Book Reading’ Published by Catapult Magazine (Available here)

‘Rat And Finch Are Friends’ Published by Strange Horizons (Available here) (This story is a tribute to Arnold Lobel, author of ‘Frog And Toad Are Friends’)

‘Vision’ Published by Aquila Magazine (Available in print) 

‘The Children of No. 39 Faulks Street’ Published by Isele Magazine (Available here)

‘Female Computer Wanted, Apply Within’ Published by Fireside Magazine. (Available here and in print) (This story was inspired by a chalk-written job ad looking for ‘female computers’ and a tribute to Alan Turing)

‘Nyemoja’ Published in Black Freedom Beyond Borders: Re-imagining Gender in Wakanda Anthology. (Available here)

‘Of Warps And Wefts’ Published by Strange Horizons (Available here) & Transcendent 4: The Best Of The Year Transgender Speculative Fiction (Print)

“Red Crows” Published by Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores (Available here)

‘Our Skin Will Now Bear The Testimonies’ Published by Cast Of Wonders (Available here )

‘To The Place Of Skulls’ Published by Reckoning Press. (Available here and in print) (This story alludes to NoViolet Bulawayo’s ‘Hitting Budapest’)

‘The Unusual Customer’ Published by Fireside Magazine. (Available here and in print)

‘River Boy’ Published by Fireside Magazine (Available here )

When You (Don’t) Want To Die’ Published by Litro Magazine (Available here and in print)

‘Of Things That May Come’ Published by Big Echo. (Available here)

‘Limbo’ Published in Short Story Day Africa: ID Anthology & Heart Of The Matter: A Gerald Kraak Award Anthology Series (Available in print only).

‘I Am Dreaming About A Dream’ (Available here)

‘This Is How Papa Paints The Mountain’ (Available here)

‘Disconnect’ Published by Litbreak (Available here)

‘The Funeral of An Honorable Gentleman’ Published by Litbreak (Available here)

‘Journey To Find Iceland Published by Litbreak (Available here)

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