I Want You To Stream ‘Ifunanya’ by Dwin, The Stoic

Image Source: YT Music

Adele said during one of her interviews; “Everybody loves a love song.” Love songs is probably the most enduring genre of music. Think of the classics; “Ifeoma”, “Love Nwatinti (Ije Mu Na Love”, “I Will Always Love You”, “The Power of Love”,”Some Broken Hearts Never Mend”, “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”, then think of contemporary love songs; “Butterflies”, “Someone Like You”, “Halo”, “Stay With Me”. I am a sucker for love songs. I collect them like infinity stones and string them around my neck. Who doesn’t?

Last weekend, I discovered a new love song! Ifunanya by Dwin, The Stoic. The most striking quality of this song is the subtlety. It doesn’t try hard to impress the listener with unnecessary riffs and mouthy lyrics. Ifunanya is an unbothered river flowing over smooth peebles. It doesn’t announce itself like waves crashing against rocks because it knows you will still be drawn to it. With everything happening in the world, we need songs like Ifunanya more than ever so we can sway along to the tune, close our eyes, and remember when the world was smaller and we could understand every bit of it.

Ifunanya dazzles the listner with a couplet rhyme scheme and deceptively, simple lyrics that opens up a new layer of complexity with each new line until we see the aching pain behind it. This is such a beautiful and well-thought-out song and I hope it continues to stay with me.

My people will say, “Ogonogo akuko adiro n’uka mgbede”. So, go ahead and check out Ifunanya by Dwin, The Stoic on your music app.

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